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A pipeline right-of-way is a strip of land over and around a pipeline where the land owner’s legal rights have been sold to a pipeline company. These rights-of-way agreements or easements provide a permanent limited interest in the land that enables the pipeline company to operate, inspect, repair, maintain, replace and build one or more pipelines on the property. The agreement may vary the rights and widths of the right-of-way, but generally, the pipeline company’s right-of-ways extend 25 feet on either side of a pipeline.

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Since natural gas pipelines are buried underground, signs and line markers are used to indicate the approximate location of the pipeline along the route. Our pipelines are well marked at road and railway crossings, ditches, and rivers and creeks with yellow markers as shown here. The markers display the material transported in the pipeline, the name of the pipeline operator, and a telephone number where the operator can be reached. Installation of pipeline markers is mandated by federal law and landowners should ensure that all pipeline markers are protected and maintained at all times.

If you hit or expose the pipeline, call the Somerset Gas Gathering Emergency Number immediately at 1–888–497–5665 and report your location.

WARNING: In the event that a structure is constructed or placed within the required setback, we will exercise our right to removed it from our right-of-way at the owner’s expense. Keeping the right-of-way clear of obstruction is a matter of public safety. Please follow the guidelines above to avoid any problems.

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