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AMP’s primary operating asset is its wholly owned subsidiary Somerset Gas Gathering of Pennsylvania, LLC (Somerset). Somerset’s Bear Print Pipeline is located in north central Pennsylvania and spans approximately 56 miles through McKean, Cameron and Clinton Counties.

Previously known as Columbia Gas Transmission’s 1818/1862 pipeline, AMP now operates Bear Print Pipeline as a natural gas gathering pipeline crossing 5 major transmissions systems and 2 regional intrastate systems. This pipeline provides Marcellus producers access to nearly every major interstate pipeline serving the New England, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Canadian Markets.

In November of 2010, Somerset aggressively began converting the former 1818/1862 system to natural gas gathering in order to meet the production schedule of Bear Print’s first producer. Somerset worked diligently with Tennessee Gas Pipeline to construct a new interconnection and compression facility through the winter. The new facilities were completed ahead of the producer’s production in April 2011.

Bear Print Pipeline has active interconnections with Columbia Gas Transmission, Tennessee Gas Pipeline and a planned interconnection with Transcontinental Pipeline. The system’s size, segmentation and bi-directional flow make it ideal for producers looking to prove out acreage with initial production volumes. As production continues to grow in the area, Somerset anticipates exercising its existing parallel line rights to construct a larger parallel gathering system in the existing right-of-way. This expansion will more than double Bear Print’s existing capacity over the next few years.

The current available capacity on Bear Print is based upon existing contracted volumes and other projects in development. Please Contact Us for up-to-date details or review our Information Postings regarding available capacity.